Sharon’s Story

I am a mother of two young children; I was born and raised in Singapore. Heart Strings Mandarin came about because I want to share the joy of learning Mandarin Chinese through music and movement.

The idea of teaching Chinese music and movement classes had been brewing since my daughter’s birth. I searched for Chinese singalongs and story-times but I could not find any. When my daughter enrolled in a Chinese Immersion Preschool, I was asked to teach the children Chinese songs. Shortly after I began, several parents reported that their children often sang these songs at home, and spoke words from songs they had learned. After seeing these children and their parents so positively affected by Chinese music and movement, I want to bring this unique opportunity to other children.

I have more than 10 years of experience as an educator, music therapist, and counselor. My qualifications include a Masters degree in Expressive Therapies (specialization in Music Therapy) from Lesley University in Massachusetts and a Marriage and Family Therapy license (CA license). I teach music at several preschools in the Triangle area and piano lessons from my home studio. In my (limited!) spare time, I enjoy playing the guitar and making up songs.

In all the different hats I have worn over the years, I enjoy working with young children the most. Their innocence and enthusiasm are infectious. I am very fortunate – how many people can truly say they enjoy their job?