Current Fall Session (6 weeks):

Theme: Greetings and Courtesies

  • Saturdays 10.50 to 11.20 a.m. 9/12 – 10/17  Combined Sat class – 11.10 a.m. (2 spots left)
  • Saturdays 11.30 to 12 noon  9/12 – 10/17 Combined Sat class – 11.10 a.m. (2 spots left)
  • Mondays 10.50 to 11.20 a.m. 9/14 – 10/19 (1 spot left)

Upcoming Fall #2 Session (6 weeks):

Theme: Animals and Parts of Our Body

  • Saturdays 11.10 a.m. 10/31 – 12/12 (no class 11/28)
  • Mondays 10.50 a.m. 11/2 – 12/7

Fall, Winter, and Spring Sessions

Classes are once a week for six or seven weeks, broadly based on a theme such as “Family” and “Greetings and Courtesies”. We will sing, move, play instruments, tell stories, all while focusing on the goals of acquiring useful language, social skills, gross motor skills, and basic musical knowledge.

Classes are kept small to ensure individualized attention and a more conducive atmosphere for learning. Effective learning takes place when children are engaged and having fun – we will employ musical games in addition to repeating some of the same songs to create familiarity.

Classes will be 30 minutes in duration. Mandarin Chinese will be spoken with clarification in English. Song sheets with simplified Chinese characters, pinyin (the alphabetical writing system for the Chinese language), and their English translation will be provided to some songs, so that parents/caregivers can sing these songs at home.

Come and join us! Have fun learning Chinese with your child.

If you are a school or a group of parents interested in individually-tailored classes, please email us at .


Binkley Baptist Church/Binkley Preschool, 1712 Willow Dr, Chapel Hill, NC27514. It is next to University Mall and Harris Teeter. There are parking spaces at Binkley.

Class Location – Please read carefully! (Click on map to get printable version)