From Parents :

“My daughter just completed a year’s worth of Heart Strings Mandarin classes with Sharon. I’m not sure who enjoyed the classes more- my daughter or I! In every class, Sharon’s knowledge of second language acquisition and best practices for teaching were evident. Classes are fun and interactive. Sharon uses puppets, musical instruments, the always popular parachute, and numerous other props to engage her students and reinforce concepts. The songs used to teach Mandarin, many of which Sharon composed herself, are infectious and fun to sing. Frequently, my daughter asks to sing songs learned in class. We have really enjoyed the classes and highly recommend them! You would be hard pressed to find a teacher as approachable, friendly, and passionate about teaching Mandarin to children as Sharon 老师.” Jenny Galassi, Parent

“We love Chinese class! Sharon is a really excellent teacher. She never stops smiling. The children all love her. The songs (some original) are fun and easy to learn. My daughter and I both sing the songs a lot. We sometimes work together to remember the words to a song. She remembers the words better than I do, and corrects my pronunciation, and I help her remember the meanings. And we can always look them up on the lyric sheets if we can’t remember. Also, I love how reasonably priced the classes are. A total bargain! Highly recommended!” Jill McClain, Parent

“We are so thankful we found Heart Strings Mandarin and Sharon lao shi.  Heart Strings Mandarin was the best decision we made for our 1 year old daughter.  She absolutely loves it!   We’ve done it for almost 1 year and now she can’t wait for each class.  She sings along, dances, and follows directions in Chinese.  Sharon lao shi takes the time to theme the sessions with topics of interest, comes up with fun & creative songs to learn, she’s super bubbly and great with kids!!  I would highly recommend anyone to have their kid(s) join!!  What’s a better gift than another language for your child!?!  It’s a wonderful experience that shouldn’t be missed.” Erin Seu, Parent

“We are a Spanish speaking family and my 3 year old daughter goes to a Spanish immersion preschool. She speaks both English and Spanish. But on Saturdays, we go to Ms. Sharon’s Chinese music class and she loves all the songs and games they play. I find her singing the Chinese songs at home and repeating the vocabulary while playing pretend. It is very exciting to see her growing and learning three languages. We appreciate the interactivity of the class. In half an hour Ms. Sharon manages to do puppets, story book, instruments, group dancing, parachute, games and many songs. Ms. Sharon is an amazing teacher and we enjoy bringing our daughter to her classes.” Mariell Ramirez, Parent

“My son and I look forward to attending Chinese music class every Monday morning. My son loves Teacher Sharon and will say her name repeatedly on the way to class. The songs we have learned have really helped my son cement the small amount of Mandarin he has learned at home, in addition to teaching him (and me!) new words. Sharon does a great job of keeping the children entertained, and she writes out the song lyrics in both Chinese and pinyin so that native and non-native Mandarin speakers alike can follow and sing along. I highly recommend Sharon and Chinese music class!” Mei Olson, Parent

“What my daughter has learned over the last 8 months is mind-boggling. She knows the words to songs and sings along enthusiastically in class. I can hum a tune and she’ll jump in with the words. She and her older brother (in Glenwood Elementary’s Mandarin Dual Language program) can sing some songs together. They compare vocabulary they know for family members, animals, and colors. They like to have a new and special language they can share. The combination of characters, music, and movement in Heart Strings Mandarin classes is age-appropriate. It warms my heart that she’s picked up so much so quickly and that our two children have a shared experience though they’re learning separately.” Alyssa Crockett, Parent

“Sharon is a wonderful teacher. My daughter loves her. I’m a native Chinese speaker and have been quite frustrated teaching my kids Chinese. In Sharon’s class, I found (surprisedly and happily)  for young children it’s an effective, fun way to learn Chinese through songs and rhythms. We’ve been in the class for two sessions and will continue!

Sharon用唱歌和游戏的方法教小朋友们简单的中文词语,寓教于乐,小朋友们学得很开心。我女儿已经上了两次,她很喜欢Sharon老师,我们还会一直上下去。” Ya, Parent

“I have been so impressed with this class. The presentation and home supplements are superb: fun, interactive, perfect mix of English/Chinese, and right on for a toddlers attention span! As a mom with zero Chinese speaking knowledge, I am even picking up on some Chinese! Excellent opportunity for our little ones!” Amie Lindquist, Parent

“My boys have been attending Sharon lao shi’s class for about a year and we have really enjoyed the classes! There is a different theme for each session (about 6 weeks) and the themes relate to everyday life. Sharon lao shi’s class includes a variety of musical instruments, which my boys really like. I would highly recommend this class to both native and non-native speakers of Mandarin!” Allie Suhendra, Parent

“Our three-year old has attended Heart Strings Mandarin for over a year and he simply LOVES it! Sharon’s songs are super fun and really easy to learn. Within just a few sessions, he was able to sing along and was always looking forward to the classes every weekend. Sharon keeps each class fun and entertaining for the little ones by introducing new songs every session. In addition, she also provides families with song sheets so that we can all learn and sing along together. THANK YOU Sharon!” The Swee Family

“My 3 year old daughter and I have been to three classes of the “Courtesies and Greetings” series and we are enjoying every minute.  Sophie is drawn into the music and dancing and in this week’s class she started singing — in Mandarin!  She is also using some of her Mandarin at home to teach her father, brother, and sister.  Ms. Sharon uses just enough English for English-speaking parents to understand what her objectives are and what the meaning is in a song or book.  The children get to use a variety of instruments as well as puppets when singing or acting out a song.  Sharon teaches to a variety of learning styles in every class and maintains a fun, relaxed tone throughout.”Jill Shatterly, Parent

“Sharon老师的拼音(pinyin)教学十分独创,天才,从未听说过. 光这一点就值得来上课.” Hong, Parent

“I really liked how all parts of the class related to each other. For example, the first song taught the Mandarin words for various family members such as mommy, daddy, brother, sister, etc.. Then, later in the class, Sharon read a funny story about family members and their car. Hearing these Mandarin words in a song and then again in a story helped to reinforce learning them.” Lisa Sommerfeldt, Parent at Preview Class

“Sharon has a gift with children and music! My daughter and her classmates (both at Little Panda Preschool and at Glenwood Elementary’s Chinese Dual Language program) were quickly captivated. I was particularly impressed with how even very young, easily distractible children were totally engaged and participating in singing Chinese songs with Sharon and her guitar accompaniment. My daughter would often sing the songs she had learned in Chinese at home, and she really looked forward to her music classes with Sharon. Learning Chinese through music makes it so much easier to remember, and fun! I can see why it is a popular tool even in Mandarin speaking countries for teaching their own children Mandarin. I highly recommend Sharon!” Ardra Salemy, Parent

From an Educator :

We have been fortunate to have Sharon as our music teacher at Little Panda Mandarin Preschool for four years now. The children look forward to their weekly Mandarin music session as Sharon brings an element of fun into her sessions. She engages with the children in various ways, through singing, chanting, dancing, and playing instruments. Sharon also writes songs to help the children learn specific vocabulary and concepts. These songs are easy to learn and to remember. Sharon puts in a lot of time and effort to prepare her lessons. She is truly a dedicated teacher.

过去四年,我们小熊猫中文幼儿园有幸得到Sharon老师教音乐。小朋友们都非常期待Sharon老师的音乐课, 因为她的音乐课很有意思。Sharon老师用各种方法来吸引小朋友的注意力, 比如唱歌,说唱,跳舞,和学习乐器。Sharon老师还自己编歌来帮助小朋友学习具体的词汇和概念。Sharon老师花很多时间和精力备课,她真是一个尽心的好老师。

Xiaoping Johnson, PhD
Principal of Little Panda Mandarin Preschool


From a Musician :

As a fellow musician and a lover of music I would like to express my appreciation for the talent of Sharon Gan. I have been involved in musical groups and ensembles for the last thirty-five years. Sharon brings a deep understanding and proficiency to her musical teaching. Her knowledge of musical styles is wide and varied. She has been working as a music teacher in the Montessori preschool where I work and I delight in hearing the wonderful sound of her music floating through the halls. I can’t help but get up and follow the music to its source in the classroom. The children (and myself) are lucky to have her teaching them.

Janice Fakhoury, Director of Montessori Academy