Mandarin Music and Movement Classes for Children!

PROVIDE your child with a UNIQUE, FUN and ENGAGING way to learn a foreign language through music and movement!

Mandarin Chinese is one of the fastest growing languages in the U.S. and the most widely spoken language in the world after English. And music is a great way to begin to learn a language, especially Mandarin, which is a tonal language.

Studies have shown that early exposure helps in language acquisition, and music and movement are effective modalities to help build vocabulary, comprehension, and confidence in a new language. In the Fall, Winter, and Spring months, we hold theme-based classes that are conducted in blocks of 6 – 7 weekly classes by an experienced music teacher. The curriculum is uniquely crafted with several original songs and games. These parent-accompanied classes are most suitable for children 6 and under.

Class information for our Fall #2 session beginning Oct 31, 2015, is available. See Classes for Fall schedule and click here for Fall #2 Registration Form.

Here is what one parent had to say about our class: “I have been so impressed with this class. The presentation and home supplements are superb: fun, interactive, perfect mix of English/Chinese, and right on for a toddlers attention span! As a mom with zero Chinese speaking knowledge, I am even picking up on some Chinese! Excellent opportunity for our little ones!” Amie Lindquist, Parent

See Testimonials for what other folks have to say about our classes.

Both native Mandarin speakers and non-native speakers are encouraged to join us as we sing, move, play instruments and musical games, and tell stories in Mandarin. Visual aids and cues will be provided allowing everyone to follow along. It is our hope to establish a community of both native Mandarin and non-native speakers in our classes and for EVERYONE TO HAVE FUN!

Photos of our classes are available at . Please take the time to check us out. Thanks.